1. Where is my car parked upon arrival?

The car is always parked on the 5th floor B side and this always around the place B 115;

2. Do I have to validate a ticket?

When you open the car you will find a ticket that you must validate at the machine as described. When validating, take a receipt.

3. Will the validated ticket be refunded?

The validated ticket is always refunded. When returning the car, clearly place the receipt in the car. At the next collection, the stated amount will be in your car together with the torn ticket.

If that has not happened once, always put it clearly in the car the second time.

If the parking ticket does not correspond to the hours specified in the reservation and the car is parked longer than anticipated due to incorrect reservation or flight delay, the ticket will not be refunded


 4. The machine states that the ticket is not valid or unusable.

Then always report on the 4th floor of the car park where you took the elevator to floor 5, where an airport employee is always present who will help you further.

5. What does the P or T number stand for

The P or T number is a similar customer number that is linked to your personal data, the car, etc...

The P or T number is certainly not a parking number


6. I come to pick up my car but the flight is delayed

You must always state the flight number with your reservation. Together with the specified time, we follow the flight and then also place the car in the parking lot later.

If several flights are delayed, it does not mean that we are responsible for these delays.

If the parking costs are higher than normal due to a delay, you can always recover the costs from the airline


7. How do I get my key from the car?

Your car is parked on the 5th floor around B 115. There is a safe in your car. The code for this can be found in your reservation confirmation email..

8. What do I do with the keysafe on my car?

You place the keysafe in the HD2 Parking van at B 115.

9. I have come to return my car but my flight is delayed

If your flight is delayed when you return the car, you will still bring the car at the reserved time.

If you wish to bring the car later, please contact the people at the car park by telephone


10. How do I reserve my car for collection or return?

You can only reserve the car via the website up to 72 hours in advance of your arrival or departure.

Always state your flight number and telephone number of the person who will pick up or return the car.


11. I have reserved a last minute ticket and the 72 hours has expired

If you still want to reserve the car after 72 hours by booking a last minute ticket, you can always make the reservation of your car by telephone to one of our employees.

12. What is open parking

The car is parked on a paved gravel surface in the open air

13. What is covered parking

The car is parked on paved gravel under a shade roof.